Happy Birthday HoloLens!! 1 Year Old!

Today is the birthday of Microsoft HoloLens in terms of being available and in peoples hands. At the Microsoft Build 2016 conference it was announced that the first wave of HoloLens Development Edition hardware had begun shipping out to developers! It’s amazing it’s been 1 year already, and there’s only more exciting HoloLens and Mixed Reality innovation to come!

Over the last year the Microsoft HoloLens went from “apply and be invited” to purchase, to generally available where anyone can purchase the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition hardware. It’s also been made available in the following 9 countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

And, within Spring 2017 the Microsoft HoloLens will begin shipping in China!

There have been a number of Mixed Reality apps published to the Microsoft Store, and we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the Mixed Reality innovations to come!

Here’s a short 1 year anniversary for HoloLens from Microsoft:

Additionally, here’s a couple more videos that I’ve posted on the Microsoft HoloLens:

Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality are very exciting. Virtual Reality has been getting more buzz lately, but in my opinion the Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality experiences will completely change the world in which we live!

Happy Birthday HoloLens, and Congratulations to the Microsoft HoloLens Team! Keep up the amazing work!

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